DOORS 15:00
SHOW 16:00

González & Steenkiste (VE/BE)
Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low) and Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete) have been jamming together as part of Silvester Anfang/Sylvester Anfang II for quite some time now, developing the sort of psychic communication achieved by endlessly repeating the same activity with the same people. Both have explored via their solo projects the joy of drone based music and have tried on several occasions to establish a proper duo. It wasn't until fall of 2011 that this dream finally took shape. Drawing influences from ethnic and folk music, free and spiritual jazz, psychedelia and minimalism.

Urpf Lanze (BE)
Wouter Vanhaelemeesch is a lot of things, but above all he is a visual artist. He has gained worldwide praise in the underground through his beautifully bizarre drawings that blend twisted cartoon characters, medieval engravings and surrealist decors all wrapped up in a grim pastoral vibe that reeks of Belgian B.O. It's no wonder why lutenist Jozef Van Wissem has used Vanhaelemeesch's work to decorate many sleeves of his recorded output including his collabs with Jim Jarmusch, Smegma, United Bible Studies and James Blackshaw. Next to that he also runs the Ghent-based audioMER label.
Urpf Lanze's debut album 'Procession of Talking Mirrors' will be released on LP format this February

Terrie Ex / Raoul van der Weide / George Hadow Trio (Amsterdam)
No joke set by Terrie (guitar), Raoul (contrabass, crackle box and sound objects) and George (drums)
Special appearace by Father Sloow (BE) of Sloow Tapes

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