Music Program #8

Thursday 6 October 2011

Pulse Emitter is the synthesizer music of Daryl Groetsch from Portland, Oregon. With a music composition degree and 15 years on the instrument, Pulse Emitter creates pads and patterns which drift through cosmic and nature settings.

MSHR is and audio/visual project by Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper of
the Oregon Painting Society.

Sporay is a duo of experimental noise artist Eva Aguila and conceptual collage artist Brock Fansle. In the past Eva has toured throughout Europe and the United States under the alias Kevin Shields, Gang Wizard and Caldera Lakes. Eva and Brock combined textured organic acoustic loops, noise and synthesized tones. Composed using handmade electronics, oscillators, synthesizers, and a variety of bells for percussion.

a.k.a Father Futherback.
Den Haag's finest moustachioed basement dweller.

Amstelveenseweg 134

Entrance: €6 
Doors open 20:30

White Suns - Resurfacing CS

New cassette by White Suns out now.

€4.00 (+ shipping)

"White Suns have discovered an exact midpoint where noise's anarchy can squeeze inside the lines of muscular punk"