Sounds From Yakutia 2xCS

Mouth Harp sounds from Yakutia (Sakha Republic) // €5.00


PLUT is a A5 size, 32 page, 4 colour comic zine printed in 300 copies. PLUT is a colaboration by Emelie Östergren, Hanna Gustavsson, Clara Bessijelle Johansson, Juliacks, Austin English and Joakim Ojanen. // €5.00

Seripop – New Mutantes

Presented by Floating World Comics

This oversized 10″ x 15″ newsprint monograph collects 16 mutated and melty designs by Seripop. Each image is composed of layers like a 4 color silkscreen. // €5.00

Limo Zine Plus One by Joakim Ojanen

Limo Zine is a fold out zine by Joakim Ojanen.
It's 280cm long and 14cm high.
Plus One is 36 pages full with wicked drawings!
The cover is silk screen printed.
100 copies all numbered! // €10.00

Safe Swim - When There, Turn CS

40 minutes of real focussed hard to pin down crime creep collage sounds. Cover by Father Futureback himself // €4.00
  Safe Swim by NEO Projects 

Hortus Botanicus CS

Recordings from the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam // €4.00